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MRS (Medical Records System)

1000Version Number: 2.3

The Medical Records System (MRS) has been designed for use in independent boarding and day schools and fully complies with current legislation relating to the storage of medical data. The system aids communication between medical and boarding staff to ensure compliance with boarding National Minimum Standards as defined by the Department for Education to ensure pertinent information is appropriately disseminated whilst appropriate levels of confidentiality are maintained. The system is accessed via a web interface connected to a secure database in which the data is encrypted using recognised methods of encryption. The use of SSL protects the data whilst in transit from the secure database, through the system, all the way to the authorised user. After consultation with the recommended standards for the storage of medical data published by the Royal College of Physicians, the system conforms to and adopts the relevant recommended best practice and as such, comes highly recommended by all that have used the system.

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Department for Education – Boarding School National Minimum Standards

Royal College of Physicians – Medical Record Keeping Standards


New to V2.3

– Compilation of medical alert lists from stored allergy and medical condition information

– Attendance category monitoring for improved auditing

– Medication expiry alerts

– Improved patient attendance monitoring

– LDAP user integration

– Patient attendance notifications

– Prescriptions

– Off Sport and Admission Lists

– Mass data entry

– Patient photographs

– Offline backup creation

– CSV patient mass import


Coming soon to V2.4

– Medication stock tracking

– Improved patient appointment calendars


  • MRS (Medical Records System)

    MRS (Medical Records System)

About Us

Viridis Software Solutions Ltd. utilises professional knowledge and expertise to develop secure software solutions, tailored for the needs of its clients. The focus of the company is upon providing systems specifically for independent boarding and day schools which is where the leadership of the company originates. Our systems have been subject to ISI inspections and received extremely positive mention in the inspection feedback at how our software excelled in the required areas to enable full compliance with the National Minimum Standards set by the Department for Education.


Viridis Software Solutions has been the perfect tonic to a difficult problem of record management at a summer school. With many staff on temporary contracts and working in different locations, we needed something that tracked all medical and pastoral treatment given to students in an easy to understand manner. Viridis delivers this in spades and our staff have found it a revelation.

Guy Collins-Down – Chief Commercial Officer, Harrow School Enterprises Limited


Since using the Medical Records System we have greatly improved the communication between the Health Centre and the Boarding staff as well as the standards of documentation. The system is really intuitive and simple to use with great functionality. It lets us as nurses disseminate important information but maintain confidentiality in a secure environment. I would highly recommend the system to other boarding schools who are looking to ensure compliance with the National Minimum Standards, having had the system highly praised during external inspections.

Mrs Lynn Thomson – Senior Nurse, New Hall School


New Hall is the fourth independent boarding school that I have had the pleasure to work in, and I am astonished at the ease of use, yet level of sophistication, that this system brings to the boarding house.  It cuts out the paperwork, the phone calls, and fear of misjudging a medication dose timing.  With the patient transfer report at the touch of a button, I am able to immediately print off the child’s history and development of an illness for paramedics or hospital.  I have never come across such a useful tool that keeps track of the children in my care, and enables me and the school nurses to track our communications to each other too.  I can honestly recommend the Medical Records System to all boarding schools, and look forward to future developments.

Miss Jac Plamer – Housemistress, New Hall School


Having used alternative systems in the National Health Service and later at Chelmsford College for recording minor injuries, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed at how easy the Medical Records System was to use. It made me feel confident using the system knowing that when I leave work, everyone that needs access to my notes has them to be able to provide continuity of care. This reduces risk of medication errors and missing important information. It is very intuitive to use and patients are very easy to find given the flexibility of the search bar. It gives me such peace of mind.

Mrs Karen Farmiloe – Boarding Assistant, New Hall School


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Data Security

At Viridis Software Solutions we take data security very seriously indeed. We care passionately about the safety of your data, your organisational reputation and the confidentiality your patients expect and are legally entitled to.

Our systems protect your data in many ways. Some cannot be mentioned here as it could compromise the very security we work hard to provide but essentially, there are three areas that we have focussed on, to ensure data integrity at all times:

Data at Rest

The data is electronically protected when stored in our databases. We use encryption keys and complex cryptography methods to ensure that all the information is as secure as it possibly can be.

Data in Transit

The data moves from the secure database to the web page on which it is displayed. Usernames and passwords work like any other system to ensure that this is only accessed by authorised persons, but there is a time in which the data moving from one to the other could be intercepted. We provide forced SSL connections to ensure that the data is protected whilst travelling from the database to the remote terminal that is accessing the data.

Physical Data Security

There is no point in encrypting data, only to have the server on which it is stored stolen! We use data centres compliant to ISO27001:2013 and the specific medical certification NEN 7510 to ensure that international standards are complied with to protect against physical security, unauthorised access, system backup (data and power) and protection against fire (amongst many others). All this works to provide a secure, reliable and protected system for you and your organisation.

Governance & Standards

Industry standards ensure products and services are developed to a manner that ensures quality, safety, reliability and efficiency.

The NHS Code of Practice

Developed by the Department of Health as a guide to the required standards of practice in the management of patient data for those who work within or under contract to the NHS organisations in England. It is built upon and references legal requirements and professional best practice.

Data Protection Act 1998

The storage and handling of personal information must comply with the rules of this legislation, regardless of the way/format in which such information is stored. The Data Protection Act 1998 is an Act of Parliament which defines UK law on the processing of the data of identifiable living people. It is the main legislation that governs the protection of personal data in the UK.

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